Democrats want dump blaze doused with diesel fuel on their own land

Updated: June 19, 2020

Democrats want dump blaze doused with diesel fuel on their own land

A group of Democratic lawmakers have signed onto a bill to allow states to take actions against coal producers and other polluters who are dumping toxic pollution on their territory. The proposal — which was introduced earlier this week by the Tennessee state senator and Sen. Steve Cohen (D-TN) — would give states the option of suing coal operators that dump hazardous waste into or near their state, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

“It’s going to be the ultimate coal ash disposal strategy. The bill also would give states the ability to prosecute states that don’t do the right thing and have the EPA enforce federal laws that are actually hurting th에볼루션 카지노 가입e environment and the environment’s health,” Cohen said.

Cohen’s bill is a direct response to recent reports from the Environmental Protection Agency that coal power plants are burning nearly eight million tons of coal-related waste — the amount equal to a fi파라다이스 카지노fth of the country’s entire annual energy supply. “What we’re telling the American people is that our country’s been dumping coal ash on the ground,” Cohen said.

The proposal is the latest in a series of initiatives by a number of Democratic lawmakers seeking to prevent coal plants from poisoning their public lands — and their state. Democratic State Senator Tom Patton is leading the charge in his state, and the proposed rule is just a precursor to a broader proposal from the Republican Congress.

On워커힐 카지노 Monday, Patton and state Representative Keith Harris (D-TN) introduced an amendment that would allow the EPA to require utilities to remove coal ash from the power plant, and impose strict standards on coal ash disposal — which would put states on the hook for potentially destroying the health of their public lands. “At the same time, the amendment was introduced it was also presented to the House Energy & Commerce Committee, and in its place the House Energy and Commerce Committee has sent a plan to the EPA,” Harris told the Guardian. “We’ve sent a proposal that would mandate clean coal technology on every coal plant in the country, that would require companies that do coal operations to be regulated like everyone else, that would impose clean coal standards.”

While the Democrats have been a vocal opponent of coal, it’s not just their legislation that will ultimately help stop this toxic waste from getting into the ground. A few years ago, a proposal to shut down one of Tennessee’s seven coal mines — owned by the company Southern Co — died because it was defeated in the Democratic-controlled state legislature, reports The Tennessean. That effort