President duterte to meet chinas president in historic visit

Updated: September 10, 2020

President duterte to meet chinas president in historic visit

The two leaders were on their way to Duterte’s Marawi City to visit a local town, when they were allegedly intercepted by a “drug gang” — which was also carrying drugs. The police have since arrested four people who were planning to carry out the mission.

Duterte had to return to Manila to see his mother before boarding his flight to Indonesia. Duterte had been asked to skip a crucial first leg of his trip back to Marawi, but he was not permitted to leave for the second leg of the trip — or indeed to fly on any carrier.

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A joint statement issued by the police and military said: “Buhayin kami kayo (We told you, he will meet us at Marawi airport),” the police said in the statement, speaking in Tagalog, or the mother tongue of some residents of Marawi City, the capital of the Mindanao region.

Earlier this month, Duterte also told a press conference that he was determined to rid the government of corr온라인 카지노uption, though he failed to spell out specific details. He promised to end “the rule of a handful” who controlled the political system through money, “the rule of graft, and graft itself.”

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But critics say he has made few efforts to reach out to the city’s most marginalized population, who have been living under conditions of poverty, discrimination and violence.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police has stepped up their drive to arrest alleged criminals who have killed 14 drug suspects — six o창원안마f them Filipinos — who were allegedly connected to a Marawi ring.

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Calls are mounting for President Rodrigo Duterte to withdraw from the c성남출장마사지ountry’s top military election scheduled for May. Duterte has refused to accept the results in a referendum.