Accused remanded in custody over wide bay murder

Updated: August 14, 2020

Accused remanded in custody over wide bay murder

A 29-year-old man has been remanded in custody over the attack on a man and woman in Melbourne’s north on Thursday evening, June 12.

Police have charged 28-year-old Manol Vella with murder in the fatal stabbing incident outside an apartment complex in Broadmeadows around 9.30pm.

Vella allegedly beat up 37-year-old Karminder Kaur and 39-year-old Rizwan Hussain after he refused to buy her coffee while they were outside her unit at 1.30am.

The pair were sitting in the middle of the바카라사이트 busy street in Broadmeadows when Vella grabbed the pair and punched them in the neck.

The victim struggled to get back up from his chair when he was slammed into the wall, leaving him with serious head injuries.

Police said he was pronounced dead at the scene and no further suspects have been identified.

His friend and former girlfriend Kavita Krishnan was also injured and taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries following the attack.

The investigation is continuing and it is unclear if either victim was wearing a GPS tracking device.

Vella was arrested at 7.30am and taken to Melbourne Police Station where he has been charged with murder in connection with the incident.

“The man’s bloodied face is being tended to by paramedics while the woman has been카지노 사이트 taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries,” Detective Inspector Simon Bailey from Victoria Police’s Crime and Corruption Command said.

“This particular incident will obviously bring우리카지노 a lot of focus on the police and this would be a priority of the investigation if not for the public protection.”

The attack in Melbourne’s north continues to shock people.

More than 60 people gathered outside the Broadmeadows apartment complex to pay their respects and mourn the loss of their friends and family.

“People come out to pay their respects and they try to express their pain but it’s very heart-breaking,” a witness, Kaveh Jaffer, said.

“It’s absolutely awful. They have lost their loved ones, I know that my dad did the same.”

The couple have one-year-old twins together but the mother has been separated from their younger child.

Neighbour Kristyn Farrant told media the man and woman were “the best friends.”

“She just got off a business trip and he came and picked her up… He was like,