Rapist jailed for teenagers terrifying ordeal

Updated: June 20, 2020

Rapist jailed for teenagers terrifying ordeal

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The suspect was wearing a jacket and trousers with his name tag on, police said.

Video footage was also released of the male assailant being chased by bystanders in a dark dark area.

Police had released a second surveillance video from an overhead camera about 20 minutes after the attack. The police officer who saw the suspect running told a witness that he could see the suspect’s body “in the bushes”.

Image copyright PA Image caption The suspect was described as male, aged between 18-23, of medium height, 5ft 10ins to 6ft 0ins

Another man who saw the man on CCTV was also able to identify him as the man seen running, police said.


He told the BBC the attack happened when the attacker was “terrified he would be run over”.

The witness said: “I just couldn’t believe that anybjarvees.comody would walk up on you, that person you loved as much as you are and turn on you for no reason.

“I just hope they don’t have any kids.”

On Twitter, a woman posted images of우리카지노 her injuries to say the man attacked her with a stick during the attack.

She later described the attack as “barbaric”.

“It’s sickening,” said the user.

She added: “He’s covered in blood and the only reason he’s got that jacket on is because someone pulled it over him, then pulled it over him again.

“It’s totally sickening.

“He could have died, I’m sure he would have suffered and I’m just so sorry this person went out like this in the street.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption As a young teenager, the man was reported to the health and safety authorities for having an illegal knife

Witnesses on Twitter had described the assault as “terrifying” and “horrifying”.

One described the man as being “very intimidating”. Another added: “He’s a thug. He has no respect for nobody at all.”

A third told the BBC: “There was one man with a knife and it turned out to be someone who was really nice and caring. That’s why no-one was hurt.

“They were just protecting the public and nobody was in 우리카지노danger.”

Police said they have been called to the scene of the attack on Wood Street i