Tas firefighters expect blaze to stop spreading into forest Tuesday

Updated: September 5, 2020

Tas firefighters expect blaze to stop spreading into forest Tuesday

Tgospelhitzhe fire has grown to 8,500 hectares, compared to 600 hectares last September

Rescue workers combed the bush to find people who may have escaped the blaze

Crews have been helping residents affected by the fire in Bongbong, in the northern province of Borneo

The blaze has spread into the forest and damaged a residential neighborhood in the country’s southernmost province of Borneo, according to rescue workers

The flames have been smoldering on a farm nearby for a month, destroying crops, a wall and dozens of homes, officials said

Emergency crews have found evidence that many people might have escaped the fire but are still trapped in nearby homes

The fire will not continue to burn, said rescue workers

The fire spread to the farm, forcing hundreds to abandon the area – but is likely to have gone out within week우리카지노s

A fire in the eastern province of Kalimantan has spread into a residential area in the south, officials said, sending the residents fleeing.

Authorities said the blaze had spread to houses as well as nearby farms where they have tried to locate people and rescue them, as they feared they could burn to death or be trapped in the smoke.

The blaze has scorched the rural village of Bongbong, in the northern province of Borneo, and a forest nearby, local officials told Reuters news agency.

Officials said about 1,300 homes have been destroyed and 3더킹카지노00 others damaged, while other residents who escaped from the blaze are expected to be able to return home soon.

Kalimantan is one of the country’s poorest provinces. It is the least populated with 7.5 million inhabitants, the fourth worst on Africa.

It has been battling an armed rebellion by rebel groups called the National Democratic Front (NDF). One of its members, an estimated 1,500-2,000 fighters have been killed.

The government claims more than 1 million people have been displaced from their homes.