Researchers test treatment for short sighted kids with limited vision https://t

Updated: June 20, 2020

Researchers test treatment for short sighted kids바카라 with limited vision — The News Minute (@TheNewsMinute) December 5, 2016

‘A bit of good luck that works’

While the doctors were making preparations, some kids in the facility were trying out the procedure and talking to one another online about their experience.

“I 바카라feel really confident that the doctor is listening to all his patients and understanding their needs and the difficulties that they have before they put it in,” the little girl who had suffered vision loss said.

She added that although the operation had bee우리카지노n “a bit of good luck,” the eye is not an easy one to repair or treat: “I think I may need a few weeks off work before the vision goes back. I will need to take some extra steps to stop the bleeding and remove scar tissue.”

“I was happy to have someone help me and help to find a solution,” another girl with limited vision said. “I will still have to get used to it. You are seeing things at such a late age that your vision does not look as good as it should – it seems like someone is being nice to you.”

Ceremony to honor girl whose vision was impacted due to eye surgery. Source:

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