Media inquiry resumes in sydney school sex abuse probe 1:30

Updated: June 19, 2020

Media inquiry resumes in sydney school sex abuse probe 1:30

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked Attorney-General George Brandis to examine the report by independent counsel Michael Kirby and determine whether there was an바카라사이트y wrongdoing by NSW government during a review of child sex abuse legislation under the Labor government.

Mr Kirby is conducting his own inquiry into the handling of child sexual abuse claims in NSW under Labor and the Liberal Party government.

Mr Turnbull has also written to Mr Brandis to ask whether there is any evidence that any NSW government official failed to do its job in relation to a decision by the royal commission into child sexual abuse under Mr Baird and Liberal Tony Abbott.

Mr Turnbull told reporters that he hoped Mr Brandis would give his advice to the federal Coalition on Mr Kirby’s inquiry into the adequacy of child protection procedures in NSW.

“There was a lot of work being done in relation to the commission at the time that there was this report and I think a lot of concern was expressed at that point,” Mr Turnbull said.

“We will look to see what recommendations might then go to Cabinet to be made by the Coalition Government, and that will include the ability to get the full report prepared for Cabinet review and to be given to the parliament as soon as we have it.

“I’m sure they’re going to read my notes about the commission that I made to them.”

Mr Brandis previously referred a number of issues that had been raised during the inquiry to the NSW Ombudsman, but there are concerns over the adequacy of his independence.

Mr Turnbull said that although Mr Kirby’s report was a “grave and detailed” examination of the matter, no recommendations had been made.

“I’m not a commission investigator and I’m not going to jump on the recommendation f바카라or legislation that you’ve given me because there are lots of issues that need to be dealt with there,” Mr Turnbull said.

“I just want to find out as soon as possible what exactly has happened to those who came forward to report this and what we need to do about it, and what the details are that have been given to the commission.”

The NSW police have said there is no evidence that officers committed any crimes relating to a specific child.

The Greens also say the fact that the federal government did not follow through on a promise to implement an enhanced notification process to raise concerns about child sexual abuse after one of its former top officials is found to have done 우리카지노nothing more than make a list of names and