Allenby still in contention for City Stadium

Updated: June 19, 2020

Allenby still in contention for City Stadium

He believes the current ground is the best venue.

“There was always one in mind but as I spoke to various stakeholders, it was one we didn’t have to go through the hoops and they said they wanted tnatyasastra.como do it next year, they said they did더킹카지노n’t want it in the 2020s and 2021s and next century.

“And we had those conversations and we decided that’s not in the budget and that was the reason. We have an interesting ground at this time because of the size of the city of Aberdeen.

“We really have two stadiums with fantastic ground conditions which is good f바카라or both club and player.

“It is a good addition to the landscape, and we all know it’s in trouble now with the new stadium.

“There is talk about that now.”