Farmers get chance to quiz council over ballarat heritage

Updated: September 10, 2020

Farmers get chance to quiz council over ballarat heritage

The 해운대안마 해운대출장샵Ballarat City Council has launched a consultation to examine how to safeguard heritage properties in an event called “Ballarat’s Ballarat Heritage Week 2017”.

According to the planning documents the event “celebrates the history of our historic town, a place of great beauty and history”.

Ballarat’s Ballarat Heritage Week will see a parade, talks, events and entertainment for the public.

Council planning documents show the event is set for April강남출장마사지 6 to June 7.

“Many of the sites which will be impacted will o일산출장샵nly be affected by future events so please be mindful of the impact such sites may have on other heritage properties,” the documents read.

Culture and heritage liaison officer Lisa Koon said Ballarat City Council planned to use the event to “assess potential risks to heritage properties from current activities”.

Ms Koon said: “With the opportunity now for residents and visitors to come and meet some of the heritage properties we plan to target, we will be providing some extra information about the potential impacts and issues.”