Parliamentary committee to probe hunter school closures

Updated: June 20, 2020

Parliamentary committee to probe hunter school closures

In a separate development, The Sunday Post has learnt that the parliamentary committee probing closure of Hunter Schools of Bala, Baniqnagar’s only school on Bali island, is to send a report to the minister who has directed them to probe the matter.

In January this year the committee sent a report to the minister recommending that the Hunter Schools be closed.

The committee asked about possible damage to the environment of Bali and recommended that the government consider whether the Hunter Schools should remain open or be closed.

The Sunday Post has learned that the committee is still waiting for the ministerial review from the government under President Joko Widodo.

The committee’s recommendation to close Hunter schools was presented in front of the Cabinet Office earlier this month.

The committee has been meeting several times to consider the proposal, including one meeting last week at which four members signed a letter with opposition senator Eusaleh Khimire, who is pushing for Bali’s Hunter Schools to be closed.

The committee met the Hunter Schools administration in Bali earlier this month and a number of committee members said they could not agree on details for the close down because Bali schools are considered important for children learning about Bali culture and history.

더킹카지노“We are waiting for the minister’s comments which will be taken into account,” Kamiyama said.

The Bali government’s decision to close the schools came only last year after the Hunter Schools were declared as a public nuisance last year. The school management initially thought the Hunter Schools were a private school and said the school was not public and should be shut 우리카지노down.

But in late December, under pressure from opposition lawmakers, President Widodo ordered the closing of the Hunter Schools of Bala and Bali island.

But after opposition senator Khimire raised serious concerns about the lack of proper education and the destruction of cultural heritage, opposition lawmakers sent a letter to the administration requesting the administration shut down the Hunter Schoo바카라사이트ls.

“In light of the opposition’s complaint to the administration’s handling of the situation, we felt it would be inappropriate for the administration to continue to operate the school,” said Kamiyama.

“But it seems the minister wanted to take action.

“In light of its decision, which was not taken without consultation with all concerned parties, it is necessary to address this matter urgently in court.”

The Bali government said the closure of the school was not a deliberate move by a part