Aussie walker wins silver in under 23 road race in Sydney

Updated: September 10, 2020

Aussie walker wins silver in under 23 road race in Sydney

Gold medallist Paulie van der Waal became the second Australian to take gold in the men’s road race, after fellow walker Ryan Hogg secured his second medal of the day.

But the 27-year-old fell four-and-a-half seconds shy of his closest competitor, who is 21.

Va모나코 카지노n골드 카지노 der Waal got off to a perfect start, making short work of a number of sprinting opponents to get the lead out of the gate.

His two first-time competitors, Tom Stannard and Christian Welch, were on track to win together in the early stages.

But Stannard was unable to make good on his lead in the final sprint, and he ended the race with just four seconds on Welch.

The winner was American Chris Thorburn, who was fourth o바카라 스토리verall after finishing at a disappointing 38th in Rio.

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World silver medallist Peter Sagan finished one place behind Van der Waal in the lead group after picking up the silver medal in the men’s road race.

It was a disappointing result for the former New Zealand World Champion, who had struggled to make it past the podium, but was one of the better young runners in his class.

British veteran Stephen Cummings (Hook, London) was third in the men’s road race behind American Justin Gatlin and British silver medallist Nathan Haas.