Police focus on custody dispute in double murder

Updated: August 14, 2020

Police focus on custody dispute in double murder

By Paul Joseph Watson

7 April 2017

Two bodies found at a North Chicago home Saturday morning are linked to a fatal shooting that occurred just weeks ago, police confirmed Sunday. The shooting occurred in a backyard where an intruder shot two women.

The names of the victims, both women in their 40s, were not released but officials say they were married and “have a young child and were recently engaged in a childrearing relationship.”

Police were called after neighbors reported there was a disturbance in the home at around 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

Inside, three bodies were discovered, along with some clothing, one shot and two bullet fragments.

The bodies were in four different locations within a one-story home, according to an officer at the scene.

A second incident of a gun being pointed in the direction of the victims took place in the next room. The woman’s father and other men in the home at the time of the shootings said they heard two 더킹카지노gunshots.

The women and two men shot were both killed at the scene, Chicago police confirmed.

While some of the dead bodies were already on the street, officers said that a body was taken from another location at about the same time the bodies were discovered. It has since been identified as a woman who had been shot at least once, an officer told re바카라porters Sunday.

As of Sunday afternoon, the victims remained in the intensive care unit for several hours. The coroner is expected to make a final conclusion sometime this week.

The city did not comment about whether or not the killings were related to a previous gun attack that occurred in North Chicago over a year ago, despite a similar claim that the shooting was linked to the violence that erupted at the Democratic National Convention in July 2015.

As reported in The New York Times on Friday, the murder of the women took place during a dispute between those involved in the couple’s planned wedding.

Police confirmed that a gun was recovered at the scene. They said that preliminary DNA testing, as well as a search of the house, indicated that the deceased were the women’s acquaintances.

At an earlier Monday press conference, Deputy Chief Paul J. Browne said that officers were looking to obta바카라in criminal records of any people who had business with the women, as well as anyone involved in any plans to conduct or carry out the shooting.

Bodies in front of North Chicago home are linked to murder

After a brief news conference