Residents opposed to kippax library site and parking lot

Updated: June 20, 2020

Residents opposed to kippax library site and parking lot

One of the city’s main opponents to the proposed kippax campus sits at a meeting in St. Paul’s East Side neighborhood.

The meeting of the 바카라사이트Council of Neighborhood Services’ Neighborhood Council included a petition against the project.

It says the city should reconsider the proposal by re-examining whether parking a바카라nd building rights of lots are necessary, and whether kippax will work for the City.

“There’s a tremendous sense of concern in this neighborhood,” said Robyn Hultenburger, who is the council’s director. “Kippax is such an uninspiring concept, but it is such a very affordable and efficient way to get people to the library for their monthly book or the monthly magazine.”

She and a group of other council members — including Ron Nesterland and Steve Payne — are calling on the city to reconsider the proposal, including removing parking and building rights of lots.

Nesterland, Payne and other council members have said the council cannot pass the바카라사이트 petition by itself, and that the City Council must first re-examine the petition.