Casino expansion stokes pokie debate

Updated: August 14, 2020

Casino expansion stokes pokie debate

After the news that the casino would expand into a larger casino and increase the casino’s gambling floor — a move that took its toll on its bottom line, according to the Las Vegas Sands president and CEO, Sheldon Adelson 더킹카지노— Adelson decided to take another shot at the pokie game.

This time it’s the NFL.

According to ESPN, Adelson, the casino’s owner, donated $100 million to the pro-Bills and pro-Seth Rich anti-Trump Super PAC Priorities USA A바카라ction.

In May, Adelson announced an investment in the Vegas-based Las Vegas Sands “billionaire sponsor.”

Priorities USA Action is “a super PAC supporting Trump’s effort to put Republicans i카지노 사이트n the White House,” according to the ad.

According to ABC News, while the Adelsons aren’t directly associated with the Super PAC, there are ties between the Adelsons and a number of Trump supporters.

Trump’s campaign also donated $2 million to the group.

Adelson is close with the owners of the Las Vegas Sands.

While some of his comments about Rich might seem innocuous, his involvement has brought a lot of scrutiny to Adelson’s private campaign contributions to Republicans since the release of “The Clinton Cash,” which showed he gave nearly half the money raised to a super PAC to Clinton allies.

Adelson reportedly spoke with Trump several times and called the billionaire a “true friend and friend-of-a-friend.”