Wa contenders target apprenticeships child-care

Updated: September 10, 2020

Wa contenders target apprenticeships child-care

More than 50 children’s centres have told the council they will leave early to attend apprenticeships in their areas.

As part of thei실시간바카라사이트r commitment, the Children’s Commissioner will make a further offer of £50,000 if the group’s candidates meet all of the following:

One apprenticeship will be held in each of the centres in the city in September/October 2017

Up to 12 other childrens centres can apply

They must demonstrate a willingness to learn new skills, have a high level of social awareness and are engaged with the community.

An apprenticeship can last for one year or a three-year apprenticeship, for example to be a gardener or the barber.

Citing “the economic reality of the local community and the social needs of younger children and young people in particular”, chief executive of the Children’s Commissioner, Jane Hill, will also announce “some of the ways in which the government has addressed issues of funding and funding needs for early learning”.

The council’s director of community engagement, Mark Wilson, said many of the children centres had already had an apprenticeship in the past year, but they were 골목looking to expand their offerings as new funding sources are developed.

A group of 19 centres in Bradford already offer four-year apprenticeships and they will work closely with local authorities 나비야to expand, he said.

He added: “The idea that we might have to take them on now in the spring, summer or early autumn is totally unprecedented – but when you take the whole context of these childrens centres it makes absolute sense.”

A further offer of £50,000 could be agreed by Mr Wilson after the council receives the applications this month, he said.

On Friday, the council also opened its summer apprenticeship programme in a number of high street shops, in Manchester, Leeds, Northampton and Leicester.