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Updated: July 19, 2020

How To Make The Perfect Steak

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing quite coque iphone 5 skate like a juicy, dry aged, coque iphone 5s croquemou 100% grass fed slab of meaty perfection. But let’s face it: prime cuts coque iphone 5c clapet guess like steak are pricey. So when I throw down a stack of bills in exchange for the best meat I can afford, there’s no way I’m going to take my chances with an unreliable recipe. My mama didn’t raise no sucker.

Longtime readers know that back in the coque iphone 5 poilu day, I was all about cooking steaks (and, welljust about everything else) sous vide. And sure cooking with a temperature controlled water bath guarantees a properly cooked steak every time. But as many of you have pointed out, not everyone has an coque iphone 5 resistant au choc immersion circulator. (Really: I’ve coque samsung j3 gotten the message. That’s why the last sous vide recipe I posted was back in 2011, believe it or not.)

So: how do you perfectly cook a steak with basic etui coque iphone 5 kitchen tools The answer is in the fabulous new cookbook by the obsessive food nerds at America’s Test Kitchen: The Cook’s Illustrated Meat coque iphone 5 call of duty Book!

Here’s the thing: coque iphone 4s kitty it’s not about fancy pan sauces or marinades, folks. Instead, you want to highlight the inherent primal beefiness of the steak by cooking it to the proper temperature coque iphone 5c smiley iphone end to end coque iphone 5c stade toulousain and sealing the deal with a uniform sear on the coque samsung j5 outside.

The key steps are simple: season coque iphone 5s le livre de la jungle the meat with salt and pepper, roast it in a low oven until it reaches the correct temperature, and sear the steaks in a screaming hot skillet. By following this technique, even novice cooks can coque samsung a20 whip up fool proof restaurant quality seared steaks at home.

Ready to make the perfect steak

Serves 42 (1 pound) boneless strip steaks,1 to 1 inches thick, trimmedDiamond Crystal kosher saltfreshly ground black pepper1 tablespoon gheeKitchen Tools:Buy the best dang steaks you can find locally. (For me, coque coque samsung a70 iphone 5s disne that means heading to my favorite neighborhood butcher shop, Belcampo Meat Co. The folks at Belcampo do things right. You can see for yourself in this Food Forward: The Meat of the Matter episodeand this recent profile in The New Yorker.)

Heat coque iphone 5s curry the oven to 275Fwith the rack in the middle position.

Pat your steaks dry with paper towels

and trim off the excess fat and silverskin if your butcher hasn’t already done it for you. Fat adds flavor, but too much will cause tons of splatter when you sear the steaks. I’m all for streamlining the cooking and cleaning coque samsung a50 process. (Because with Henry at work until late, I have to do both. grumble grumble)

Cut each of your steaks in half vertically so that you have four even portions.

Combine some salt and pepper in a bowl

and sprinkle it all over the surface of the steak.

Place the steaks on a wire rack set in a rimmed baking sheet.

Yeah, we all know about testing the doneness of steaks by poking at the heel of your hand or even your FACE, but these methods coque iphone 5c ganesh are just not reliable enough coque iphone 5s arrow for me. (After all, I have skinny hands but a big fat face, as pointed out by some online commenters. And my mother. All out of love, I’m sure.)

The only way to ensure properly cooked steaks is to verify the temperature with a meat thermometer. I’m kind of compulsive about this, so I use an in oven thermometer that monitors the meat’s temperature while it’s cooking and then I double check at the end with a Thermapen.

If you’re using an in oven thermometer, stab the center of a steak with the probe, and stick the tray in the oven. (Just so there’s no confusion: the display unit stays outside of the coque iphone 4s carte bancaire oven. No one wants to clean out hunks of melted plastic from the oven.)..