Detroit lions w3012 coque samsung galaxy s7 Some Facebook users will soon see Instagram stories

Updated: September 16, 2020

Some Facebook users will soon see Instagram coque iphone 7 plus bouledogue francais 7032antenpascher3938 stories

“We’re testing a new feature that gives people the option to view stories from Instagram on Facebook, making it easier to view moments from people you sasuke wallpaper 81ad1 care about, regardless of what app you’re using,” the Facebook spokesperson told Navarra.

“To see Instagram Stories on Facebook, people must have their accounts linked and opt into the experience. This feature respects all existing privacy settings, and people on Instagram can choose to not have todoroki wallpaper 92fr9 their story visible on Facebook. This is a limited test for now, and we’ll be listening to feedback from our detroit lions w3012 coque samsung galaxy s7 community.”

Now, to see this feature, there are some steps to take. First of all, Instagram users need to make their Stories viewable to their Facebook friends as well. Then, your Facebook and Instagram accounts need to be linked together, and the same goes for your friends who’ll see your stories on both platforms. And finally, only Facebook coque iphone xr support voiture friends who also follow you on Instagram will be able to see your stories in both places.

I took a while to unfollow stories from most people on Instagram. So, my first thought was “Oh no, now I’ll get to see them on Facebook!” Fortunately, my personal coque solidsuit iphone xr Instagram and Facebook accounts aren’t linked, so I guess that I’m safe for now. At least until one day Facebook and Instagram become one app and I can’t escape selfies, baby pictures, and terrible food photos anymore.

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