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Updated: May 18, 2020

it won’t fit in my earsI got these Cell Phone Accessories: custodias Chargers refurbished airpods at a GREAT deal. I had the original airpods brand new but one night when they were Best iPhone 8 custodias in 2020iMore charging the power went out and it messed up the airpods where they Silicone custodia for iPhone 6 6s 7 7s 8 won’t charge and won’t even show the Plus iPhone XR Liquid Silicone custodia pop up. It even deleted off of USLION Candy Color custodia for iPhone 11 my iCloud. custodia samsung But I iPhone Fabric Cover got these and they’re pretty great. I Cover custodia 3D Disney Tsum Tsum Mickey haven’t charged them in a day and it’s at 48% right now. They connect to my phone instantly so I don’t need to weather cover iPhone 6 plus 6S plus wait for the ping. My entire family has airpods and my sister and I (before our original airpods Liquid Silicone Cover for iPhone 6s broke) never had problems with them fitting in our ear. custodia cover iphone I went out and got a case at the store and it came with a bunch of stuff. A case, clip, a “leash” to attach to your airpods so if one Shot custodia Silicone Cover for iPhone 6 falls out it hangs on to the other, and two ear grip things (they wrap around your ear). custodia iphone Other than that I would like Die Cut Soft custodia Cover Mickey Mouse to use the airpods by themselves but without the ear grip on there the audio seems distorted and one would be louder than the other. Thank you!Read full review Ok but should’ve bought newThey were in good condition and worked well at first, but started acting up after a week. Little things, like staying paired even after putting them back in the case, charging Ragazze Custodia Flip-side mobile cover for iPhone 6/6S Gatto Giraffe Panda and battery life unpredictable, case only charging to 60%. I tried resetting them several times, but the glitches persist. custodia cover samsung I don’t expect perfection, as they were refurbished and therefore cheaper, but not enough cheaper in this case. custodia cover samsung I have experience buying refurbished Apple products, and this was the first let down. custodia cover samsung I should have bought the new ones directly Disney Pixar Bao Short Film" iPhone from Apple in this case, but that’s one me. Won’t buy refurbished AirPods again. Lesson learned. Verified purchase: YesCondition: Refurbished by syap3024Mar 07, 2020 Like New!! Cell Phone Accessories iPhone X custodia GENERATION 2 but not wireless charging case no boxLike New!! GENERATION 2 Mobile Phone custodia Cover for iPhone 6 but not wireless charging case no box I gave it a 4 stars because I expected them to come in a box and they didn’t come in a box. I know the wireless charging case works Silicone custodia For iPhone XS Max XR so that’s good but I don’t know how good the quality is of the sound because I haven’t used them because they’re Christmas presents for my daughter. Other iPhone 6/6S German Shepherd Black Cover than that they look brand new which is good DISNEY COLLECTION Apple iPhone SE because they’re not in a box.