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Updated: May 18, 2020

Single speaker (bottom left)About DXOMARK Audio tests: For scoring and analysis in our smartphone audio reviews, DXOMARK engineers perform a variety of objective tests and undertake more than 20 hours of perceptual evaluation under controlled lab conditions. This article highlights the most important results of our testing. custodia cover iphone Note that we evaluate both Playback and Recording using only the device built Cover iphone 5s samsung 【 OFFERTES Marzo 】 Clasf in hardware and default apps. custodia cover samsung At times solid, but often disappointing, it was unable to deliver a consistent performance. In Playback testing, despite a decent overall performance for a single speaker device, the phone score is inescapably linked to its single speaker design, impaired mainly by the narrowness and custodia samsung j5 2015 rosa imbalance of the sound field, a significant lack of bass, and a considerable amount of distortion at maximum volume. At soft COVER IPHONE 5S 5 SE Simpeak Nero Custodia iPhone 5 Silicone to nominal custodia tab 3 8 pollici samsung volumes, however, artifacts are extremely discreet. The single speaker gives a good sense of distance and localizability, and delivers a crisp attack, thanks to a clear midrange and precise treble reproduction. In this section, we take a custodia samsung galaxy a5 2017 pelle closer look at these audio quality sub scores and explain what they mean for the user. DXOMARK timbre tests measure how well a phone custodia samsung note 3 9005 reproduces sound across the audible tonal range and takes into account bass, midrange, treble, tonal balance, and volume dependency. custodia cover samsung The CC9 Pro Premium Edition delivers a custodia tablet samsung tab a 10.1 2016 fairly bright overall sound, but is slightly tinny due to a significant lack of bass, which lack is accentuated by very clear and precise midrange and treble reproduction at soft volumes. At maximum volume, however, midrange and high end resonances appear (visible in the graph below at around 4 kHz) and turn out to be particularly irritating. custodia cover huawei Compared to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the Honor 20 Pro, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium Edition weak low end custodia samsung sm t580 extension seems even more severe. Music playback frequency response Our dynamics tests measure how well a device reproduces the energy level of a sound source, and how precisely it reproduces bass frequencies. custodia iphone The Mi CC9 Pro delivers an average dynamics performance. The lack samsung a3 2017 custodia libro of bass (and therefore, the faded energy) is compensated for by the high end custodia samsung j52017 precision, allowing a good overall sense of attack. Bass precision is noticeably better at maximum volume, slightly improving the Punch sub score. However, the Attack sub score diminishes in inverse proportion to the Punch sub score as the phone reaches substantial Teleplus Custodia per iPhone 5S Bon Ring Fence Layer Teleplus.nl volumes, due to the previously mentioned iPhone 5 Case WELOVECASE iPhone SE Case Glitter Bling Cover resonances. Our Volume tests measure both the overall loudness a device is able to produce and how smoothly volume increases and decreases based on user input. custodia iphone In this area, the CC9 Pro Premium Edition is custodia samsung s3 neo in pelle similar to Huawei Mate 30 Pro, in that it delivers quite good maximum loudness for a single speaker device, but nothing earth shattering compared custodia tab 2 samsung to the vast majority of stereo devices. custodia iphone The lowest volume step is also too low, forcing the user to turn up the volume a step or two to correctly hear quieter tracks. Our Artifacts tests measure how much source audio is distorted when played back through a device speaker. Distortion can occur both because of sound processing in the device and because of the quality of the speakers. Apart from noticeable distortion at maximum volume, especially in Game Mode, the CC9 Pro excels at controlling playback artifacts. Noise and compression effects are particularly clean, both at nominal and at maximum volume. Regrettably, occlusion happens too easily on the speaker, which significantly lowers the performance. That Cover defender multistrato super protettiva compatibile Iphone 5 e 5S said, as shown in the graph above, the drop hardly reaches4 dB at its worst, while the Honor 20 Pro bass recording curve sinks down to around9 dB (and custodia originale samsung note 10.1 that noted, the graph does not show the Black Shark 2 Pro surreal drop to25 dB). Perceptual tests confirmed that the microphones performed better for non musical files (life and selfie video, meeting room, and memo), which contain fewer frequencies (and less bass). Memo recordings cut abruptly above 16 kHz, which luckily does not interfere with the general perception of treble reproduction. Heavy compression is a temporal artifact, so therefore the pumping effect we see in the Dynamics graph above also reduces the Artifacts sub score. Occlusion on the microphones can also significantly alter the recording quality, especially in selfie video mode. These two issues aside, recordings have relatively few artifacts, be they temporal or spectral, resulting in the second best Artifacts sub score of any of the devices we have tested so far. You can hear this for yourself in the sample recording: Background rendering is average, with tonal balance once again impaired by the phone lack of custodia pelle samsung a5 bass when recording. Its most notable flaw Cover iphone palloncino Etsy is of course the single speaker placed at the bottom left of the device, which not only creates an unnatural experience when playing back music and movies, but can also be problematic when playing games. Other issues, such custodia samsung j3 6 2016 as noticeable lack of bass, inverted stereo recording, and high distortion at maximum volume, also pile up on the negative side.