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Updated: May 18, 2020

The Google Camera Go app comes with a For Coque IPhone 6 custodia Leather Wallet few basic functionalities like taking photos, GRATEFUL DEAD SKELETON AND ROSES Cover iPhone 8 videos, and real time translation. It also features a minimalist user interface with only 4 options including camera (for photos), video, portrait, and translate at the bottom. The settings is also a small overlay dialogue box with toggles for flash, timer, and face enhancer. While the Go edition may not possess advanced features found in the stunning Google Camera APK and Gcam 7.3 ports DEATH THE KID SHOT Cover iPhone 8 like Night Sight FALLOUT 3 Cover iPhone 8 or even the Astrophotography mode, the Gcam Go can run on almost every KATE SPADE BIRD FLOWER Cover iPhone 8 Android device as it does not Galaxy S4 Custodia IPhone 6s Custodia CRISTIANO RONALDO SPORTS Cover iPhone 8 require the Camera2 API.

Moreover, here is SFor Cover IPhone 6 custodia Silicone TPU the first ever Google Camera Go modded APK available for download. Thanks to the developer Parrot043 for the amazing port. The developer managed to add a new feature HDR to the modded Gcam Go. This is a great addition because you can now capture some stunning landscape photos on FORD MUSTANG DESIGN Cover iPhone 8 every Android device. You also get an additional tweak for maximum zoom of upto 10x. Gcam Mod means that the Camera Go app will run on almost all Android HARRY STYLES 2 Cover iPhone 8 devices. Here is a screenshot of GALLERY THE BEATLES Cover iPhone 8 the new Gcam Go mod. APK download below.

Download Gcam Go APK Mod Modded Google Camera Go Port

Here is the tpu custodia for iphone 6 plus/6s plus 5.5 first ever Google Camera Go modded APK I LOVE MY JEEP Cover iPhone 8 available for download. Thanks to the developer Parrot043 for the amazing port. It has all the features DR GONZO RALPH STEADMAN LAS VEGAS Cover iPhone 8 from the previous versions along with some new ones like HDR mode toggle and a few bug fixes for stability and compatibility. However, being the first ever mod, not all featured are stable.

Generally, the latest Gcam 7.3 ports are targeted towards Android 10 KATE SPADE MEOW CAT Cover iPhone 8 or 9 COOL AIR JORDAN LOGO BLUE Cover iPhone 8 Pie. So it may not work on Android 8 Oreo. However, Camera Go works on almost all phones running Android 10, Silicone Cover Replacement iPhone 6/6S 9 Pie, 8.0/8.1 Oreo, or earlier.

The best part is, it works on the Samsung Exynos processors flawlessly. So for users who have a tough time running Google Camera on their Samsung devices with Exynos processors, can settle for the Google Camera Go. Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+, Note 10, Galaxy S8 series, S9 series. The developer generally support OnePlus devices like the 7 and 7 Pro and also adds some support for Galaxy S series (Snapdragon variants). This new Gcam Go APK features Added HDR+, API level support from Android 8 to 10, minimum 512MB RAM, no DUCATI RACING MOTO GP Cover iPhone 8 Camera2api support needed.

Full developer downloads repository by greatness

You can also try the regular version of Gcam 7.3, 7.2, 7.0, 6.1, 5.2 from below. Also, wait for more Gcam Go IPHONE 6S – 6 Soft Silicone 0.3 mm thin ports from developers like Arnova8G2, parrot, urnyx, cstark, dice, BSG, and more…