Oakland, Baltimore, Texas and the Yankees to face off in Amercan League

Updated: October 3, 2012

Its been a long grueling season in the Major League after 161 games, and with 1 to go before the business end, there is still much at stake in the American League.

The National League has taken care of itself, Washington, Cincinnati, and San Francisco the division champions with Atlanta advancing alongside them into the playoffs.

All eyes tonight will be on the American League. Detroit have already secured the Central division title, however there is all to play for in the East and West.

In the AL East, the Yankees are looking to secure their 13th divisional title since 1996, when they host bottom of the division the Red Sox. Its hard to see an upset here, however stranger things have happened.

Baltimore have a shot. A loss for the Yankees and a win for Baltimore against the Rays will give them a Thursday playoff, not impossible however Tampa are certainly more equipt than Boston to get the result.

In the AL West its winner takes all between Oakland and Texas. The equation is simple, win and win the AL West. The momentum is with Oakland as they are 2 up in the 3 game series, however there isn’t much to choose between these 2.