Victim roger singaravelu says the attack has made him feel unsafe

Updated: November 10, 2020

Victim roger singaravelu says the attack has made him feel unsafe. gros collier femme ras de cou The attacker also fled the scene in a rented car, authorities said. rallonge pour collier argent The attack is the latest in the recent wave of attacks on religious minorities, including Muslim youth, Hindus and Buddhists, in the volatile region that has seen hundreds of clashes in recent months between security forces and groups of militants. A series of deadly shootings have taken place this year, with some blamed on the state government and many linked to rival terrorist groups. It comes less than two weeks before Thailand celebrates the centenary of the Thai Army’s Battle of Pemba, which set up a model for Thai militaries in modern military warfare. “I saw a man shoot himself in the leg. collier en argent massif femme 3collierfrance2123 I believe he knew his country was against him. bague argent avec message He had the army and government in his hands,” said victim roger singaravelu, 42, in an interview in an abandoned hospital where he lost both his legs and face after being shot in the leg during his assault. collier argent fin 1collierfrance486 The man, identified by his military code name as a colonel based in the area, had come from the remote area between the mountains and the lake, said Mr singaravelu, who has been fighting with local forces against militants since the late 1990s when an old villager died on their soil. He is one of more than 5,000 Thai soldiers, mostly police, who have fought with the army in re포커cen영천출장마사지t years in the conflict against r마사지 후기adical Islamist rebels in northern Thailand, although it is unlikely that their fighting style and equipment will face the same level of scrutiny that the military has received during recent bloody clashes. Mr singaravelu said that if the local forces are forced to return from the fight without weapons, they could turn the tables against him, forcing the army to turn a blind eye to their deaths. pentagram grands yeux arbre de noel boite cadeau de noel pere noel avec boucles doreilles adapte a He is hoping that the attackers may be inspired by the death of two security officials at a security facility in recent weeks. It is not clear whether the men will face the same fate, or whether their deaths might lead to a different mindset among the local authorities. “The army is not interested in killing anyone who has the right to be an officer. And if we had to face death here, we would not kill people,” said Mr singaravelu. collier chapelet femme 1collierfrance262 The village of Pemba had been one of the areas of militant activity, in the days before the attack, he added.