Prisoners of war dreaming of food, sleep and money to be smuggled into Palestine in huge trucks

Updated: November 14, 2020

Prisoners of war dreaming of food, sleep and money to be smuggled into Palestine in huge trucks. wostu brillant coeur perle 925 en argent sterling ajustement original bracelet bricolage breloque pour les femmes accessoires bijoux de mode fic1572 “The Israelis are telling us, this way this way this way,” says Mohammed Abu Fattah, a former Hamas fighter who helped smuggle the first batch of 200 food parcels into Gaza in the summer of 2010. “I was sitting outside a warehouse, going nuts, wondering what was coming out.” With little information available, Abu Fattah and other fighters in the Gaza Strip devised a cunning scheme. They started to drive their trucks around Gaza in the hope that they might find themselves surrounded by armed soldiers, who would eventually drive them to a fortified area behin더킹카지노d the Israeli border. There they would wait, as they 카지노 사이트had in previous years, for someone to open the containers and allow them to pass through. It worked. At some point in August 2010, more than 200 food parcels arrived by truck from Gaza to Israel, at some point in October the supplies reached the border, at some point they would arrive at Israel. modele collier perle ceramique 2collierfrance7076 Since then, the numbers have doubled every single month, and the smuggler who smuggled them through the tunnels remains in hiding. collier homme vintag According to the Israel Border Police, m카지노 사이트ore than 40 percent of all food seized by Border Police through its operations are smuggled, but most of the rest is lost or smuggled in illegal forms, according to an internal IDF database maintained by the Central Bureau of Investigation. The average amount smuggled annually totals around $350,000, with a much higher volume smuggling through tunnels. geometrique cristal long collier femmes nouveau mode bijoux chandail colliers et pendentifs mignon And many of the food seized by the IDF doesn’t have enough to last the journey or not even make it to the Palestinians, who are living on hard times. “When people are starving in Gaza, the food is supposed to be very basic. collier perle de lait maternel 2collierfrance7228 However, this kind of food has become very popular with the Palestinians,” says Zvi Tzur, a retired IDF officer. The smuggling has become a $2 billion industry, estimated at around $70 million a year in revenues, according to an internal IDF report, funded partly by U.S.-Israeli food aid. At a time of severe economic challenges and a growing economic crisis in Gaza, the profits are worth it, says Tzur. doux fleur strass coreen 925 en argent sterling temperament personnalite mode femme bijoux collier sne023 “You don’t need to buy a car to pay for this, just a truck and some money,” he says.