Man jailed for 17 years over brutal murder of four men

Updated: November 10, 2020

Man jailed for 17 years over brutal murder of four men A man has been jailed for 17 years over the brutal murder of four men who were dumped in a drain. collier femme gros maillons John Paul Macdonald, 54, broke into the houses and murdered three men. The three victims were thrown into a drain on May 4, 1999. In a rare admission the judge said Macdonald believed the victims were “scum”. Jailing Macdonald for killing John Paul Macdonald, Judge Robert Young QC told him: ‘You were not the victim of some random attack or of some crime but an organised crime gang. ‘By any stretch of the imagination, you appear not to have been your own partner in crime. ‘On May 4th, 1999, you murdered and raped four men. ‘Your victims were dumped alive in their own homes at a time when the police were looking for you and you were looking for money. ‘They were all men from a middle-class London working class household. bague argent brest ‘How could anyone believe them when they were simply dumped in the drain in the middle of their lives?’ The sentence of nine years and eight months was handed down by Justice James Williams QC. Macdonald had tried to murder each victim with a single blade – but it was ineffective and his lawyers claimed the victims were killed for money. mesdames multi brin colliers gland exagere femmes accessoires longue perle colliers a la main perles collier bijoux duftgold A murder charge for John Paul Macdonald was dropped on December 4, 2000 by Magistrates’ Court judge Maryanne Johnson. bracelet homme agathe The court heard Macdonald had confessed to police that he raped a boy who was six or seven years old. Macdonald said he had had sex with other boys to ‘enjoy’ his life. bague argent nacre marcassite Macdonald가평안마 가평출장샵 said: ‘I was having sex솔레어 카지노 with other boys to please myself. marc orian bague homme I do not think I did anything wrong. ‘I didn’t think I was in the right. I did this for pleasure. ‘I have to confess I never really wanted them dead. I just wanted money so that when I was older I could buy more cigarettes and drink more alcohol.’ Duri경주출장샵ng the trial jurors heard Macdonald had told detectives he was having sex with a boy on three separate occasions when he became angry, scared or drunk. When police arrived he left with a bottle of brandy, claiming it would kill his sexual desire. Macdonald said he took a razor blade from his bedroom drawer and smashed into the boys in the family home.