Customs issues holiday warning on illegal goods from China, with Chinese authorities seizing goods from Vietnam on December 16

Updated: November 10, 2020

Customs issues holiday warning on illegal goods from China, with Chinese authorities seizing goods from Vietnam on December 16 The US Department of Homeland Security issued a Christmas warning over the theft of Christmas trees from Vietnam, warning that the illegal shipments could be worth millions of dollars and put local Christmas trees at serious risk of being destroyed. collier argent pour femme Vietnam has now issued its own Christmas tree warning, calling on포커 US businesses to check its export licences, which require them to export any and all products from that country to avoid paying export tax. politique du collier de perles Thai authorities have seized more than 400 Christmas trees, including a number of luxury varieties, at a house in an industrial area of Chiang Mai. The Christmas tree thefts have already hit local Christmas markets and led police to raid shops, arresting suspected burglars and seizing large amounts of cash and other goods. The department warned the thefts could be worth billions of dollars, prompting US embassies to suspend their plans to bring Christmas trees to Vietnam. mode or rose couleur couleur bague de fiancailles creatif unisexe petit anneau de zircon blanc simple promesse anneaux de mariage pour couple Vietnam customs chief Canshi Le announced on Tuesday the seized items were worth hundreds of millions of dollars and added the department wanted to help businesses deal with the theft by offering them advice on how to avoid taxes and customs duties. The department has ordered an investigation of the incidents, which have taken place mostly at Vietnamese border stations along Vietnam’s border with China. 2019 mode za colore pierre perles boucles doreilles boucles doreilles boheme perles rondes cercle Vietnam seized more than 400 Christmas trees on the country’s border with China last weekend, the department said The department said it has been working with US companies on Christmas tree sales. ‘In light of the thefts that have occurred last week, we have requested assistance in the process of preparing for our upcoming Christmas tree export announcement,’ the department said in a statement. ‘Our goal is to protect the international markets for Christmas presents and Christmas trees which we enjoy, and to ensure they are protected in the process. collier argent 2017 ‘To this end, our department has requested the help of US companies for a potential Christmas tree sal슬롯 머신e. Our embassy in Phnom Penh is currently reviewing how best to protect and support Christmas trees when they do end up in the United States,’ the department said. China has said it is not responsible for the thefts in South East Asia. It said on Tuesday it was working hard to track down the thieves and seiz로투스 홀짝e the stolen merchandise as quickly as possible.