Nurofen fined 6m for misleading consumer

Updated: November 10, 2020

Nurofen fined 6m for misleading consumer NEW DELHI – The country’s largest generic drugmaker is under investigation by the government after it told its customers that its generi퍼스트카지노c drugs are safe and effective, but the company’s actions have made millions of people sick, reports the Reuters news agency. India is facing a crisis as manufacturers of generics and their generic versions have been losing money and competition has increased, says the Associated Press news agency. collier homme triskel The generic drugmaker, Novartis India, which makes generics of several medicines including penicillin and a few painkillers, has been involved in a series of scandals since 2009. One company, Ansharpat Medica, which made generics for several Indian drugs such as amoxicillin and clindamycin, said that some patients may experience health problems caused by the medications in the generic versions of such drugs, but claimed it was an isolated case. collier laniere cuir homme 3collierfrance4924 India, whose generic drug market is estimated to be about $21 billion in this year, needs김천출장안마 김천출장샵 about 90,000 generic drugs to meet consumer demand, Reuters says. vintage acrylique croissant de lune collier boule ronde noir gland pendentif collier en cuir corde chaine femmes chandail accessoires It adds that these generic drugs are made using inferior techniques and produce a range of dangerous side effects, including high risk of infection of the patient with the brand-name drug as well as death. collier long fantaisie pour femme 3collierfrance3265 Novartis India, which annou구미안마 구미출장안마nced the investigation into its generic products, said the probe was launched following “discrepancies” with some facts which the company found in certain cases. bague argent originaux This comes after a probe had revealed that India’s generic drug industry had been running the equivalent of a “death spiral” for several years, says the Indian Express news agency, quoting sources with knowledge of the investigation. cristaux elegants de swarovski boucles doreilles rondes rose strass autrichien pour les femmes 925 But while the probe is focused on India’s generic drugs market, its potential damage to the global generic drug market could make it difficult for the company to compete effectively when sales are down in several of those countries, it adds.